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Natural Skin Care Development

Create your own herbal products with our online tutorials and home study programs! Choose from full study programs, Vintage Remedies mini lessons or herbal product kits.

Natural Wellness

In Depth introduction to natural wellness and prevention.


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The most comprehensive Family Herbalist program available.


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Herbalism and aromatherapy for trained professionals.


Holistic Wellness

Professional program covering multiple types of natural health.


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Clinical Herbalist

Clinical Master Herbalist program covers advanced herbalism.

Giving Back

We're passionate about not only the health and wellness of industrialized nations, but of everyone around the globe. Through our Giving Back program, we provide resources and materials for education and health services to those in need of assistance. Each study kit that is purchased through Vintage Remedies enables us to donate funds that provide education and resources for others to become healthy and safe.

For each study kit purchased, we donate supplies and funds to Heartline Ministries of Haiti for their Women's Program, which includes Pre-Natal and Early Childhood Education programs. They welcome over a hundred women weekly into their facilities for their many programs, where women learn valuable life skills such as a trade (sewing), how to read and write, how to keep their children healthy and safe and even how to improve the odds of a successful pregnancy. Each new Vintage Remedies student enables them to continue educating women in need with life saving essentials.

Their Pre-Natal Class teaches pregnant women the essentials of healthy and safe childbirth. Through their trained professionals, they preform lab work to check the health of the women. When concerns are found, they work immediately to help improve their health and increase the chances for a successful pregnancy. Each week, the class participants receive milk, vitamins and medicines to improve their health.

Through the Early Childhood Development Class teaches Haitian women the skills necessary to raise a healthy child. This includes malaria prevention, importance of breastmilk, child interaction and even how to spend money wisely. The women are also provided with milk, eggs and vitamins to assist in the care of their young children. The program provides up to two years of life saving training and education.

Thanks to your desire to learn about natural health, we are thrilled to be able to contribute to the valuable work of Heartline Ministries, as they provide health education and life skills that changes lives for the better!