The Herbalism Course

Eligible for FREE Shipping (Eligible for FREE Shipping)

Looking for a self contained introductory study for herbalism? The Herbalism Course is the perfect resource for those wishing to study through the most important aspects of herbalism, but don’t have the time or ability to complete a full enrollment program. This consumable work/textbook provides 20 lessons divided into 5 study modules. Each lesson includes review and study helps, a hands on project, a test, and an answer key to check your own work.

The work/textbook is 288 pages and covers prevention and wellness, botanical medicine, family health, an introductory materia medica with 22 herbs, and herbal preparations for practical applications. (The Handbook of Vintage Remedies is a recommended resource for this course, but is not required.) 

Note: This self study book does not come with enrollment or student services. To look at our distance learning programs, please view our study programs section. 

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