Handbook of Vintage Remedies

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An Amazon bestseller! Jessie Hawkins, founder of Vintage Remedies, opens the world of natural medicine making it readily available to the average family through The Handbook of Vintage Remedies.Throughout this book, Jessie covers over 90 common health concerns faced by modern families and 35 of the most commonly used herbal remedies, as well as practical safety guidelines about using natural remedies at home and valuable formulas and recipes for putting herbs to use in the home. Tips on setting up a natural medicine chest, changing the family to a healthier diet and boosting immunity are also featured. Jessie's holistic approach covers nutritional, lifestyle, herbal and other natural therapies with a focus on evidence based care. Each health concern also includes information on preventative care and when to seek professional medical treatment. See for yourself why over 40,000 digital and print copies have been sold!

Thistle Publications • paperback • 2012 • 272 pages

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