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Guide to Bread: Unlocking the Mysteries of Grains, Gluten and Yeast

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From the back of the book: Research reveals that bread provided between 53% and 75% of the daily intake for ancient civilizations. It nourished and literally sustained many generations. Yet bread is now considered to be unhealthy and is even harmful for many. Ever wonder what happened?

Explore the truth about one of our oldest and most loved dietary staples in the Guide to Bread. In this eye-opening book, Jessie Hawkins explains how scientists have produced wheat bread using ancient methods that is gluten free and safe for celiac patients, how specific additives and alterations have been directly linked with the rise in gluten intolerance, and why the real solution to bread isn't found in freshly milled wheat or soaking grains. You'll also learn how real bread can help alleviate what the World Health Organization calls the most common nutrient deficiency, why most store bought gluten free foods are unhealthy, and how you can produce your own healthy, real bread - effortlessly - in your own home! 

272 pages • paperback • 2012 


Table of Contents: 

Part 1
One: Brief History of Bread 
    The Ancients                    
    Mechanization of Bread Production        
    Leavening Methods                
    A Continuous Process            

Two: A Closer Look at the Modern Loaf of Bread       
    Types of Wheat and Flour            
    Milling and Refining                
    Wheat Modification                
    Dough Conditioners                
Three: Bread and Nutrition                    
    Health Benefits                

Part 2     
Four: Science of Ancient Bread 
    Glycemic Index                
    Amino Acids                    
    B Vitamins                    
    Antioxidants and Cancer Prevention    
    Potential Antihypertensive Effects        
    Increased Shelf Life                
    Gluten Hydrolysis                

Five: Baking Basics                 
    Learning the Technique            
    The Starter            
    The Baking Process                
    Tips and Troubleshooting            
Six: A Modern Take on the Historic Loaf             
    Common, Everyday Loaf            
    Parker House Rolls                
    Once a Week Rolls                
    Sally Lunn                    
    Barley Bread                    
    Cinnamon Rolls                
    Apple / Pumpkin Bread            
    Once a Week Loaves                 

Seven: Other Baked Goods                 
    Apple Fritters                    
    Blueberry Muffins                
    Chocolate Cake                
    Cranberry Pecan Loaf            
    English Muffins                
    Pita Bread                    

Part 3
Eight: Celiac, Sensitivities and Other Reasons to Avoid Gluten

    Celiac Sprue                    
    Gluten Intolerance                
    ASD / ADHD                
    Other Signs of Gluten Intolerance    
    Is Gluten Good for Us?            
    Can Celiac be Prevented?            
    Treating Celiac and Gluten Intolerance    
    Enzyme Supplementation/Gluten Free Diet
    Why do we Have Problems with Gluten?    
    Healing From Celiac?                
    What’s the Solution?                
Nine: What’s Wrong with Most Gluten Free Foods   
    Omega 3 Oils                    
    Healing Foods                
    What Should be in Gluten Free Products    
Ten: Breads and Other Gluten Free Treats     
    Once a Week Loaves                
    Buttermilk Biscuits                    
    My Favorite GF Cookies            
    Chocolate Chip w/ Quinoa            
    Cinnamon Rolls            
    Portable PB&Js                

Bonus Material:
Grain and Flours Reference Guide  

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